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Video Tutorials

New to MyNANN? Or, need a quick refresher course on how to best utilize our platform’s features? Browse through our quick video tutorials to maximize this opportunity to connect and share resources with your peers!

MyNANN Basics

How can I join and participate in a MyNANN community?

How can I upload my profile picture?

How can I post on MyNANN?

How can I access current MyNANN discussions without logging in?

Where can I look up another NANN member and connect?

Volunteer Module

How can I nominate my peers for a volunteer opportunity?

Where can I apply to volunteer?

How can I complete my Volunteer Profile?

Engagement Program 
What are the terms and conditions for the Engagement Program? 
We want you to get the most of the MyNANN online communities platform! Please access our detailed FAQ document for additional commonly asked questions with answers.