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  • Posted in: Education SIG

    Hello. Daily baths and linen changes for all of our infants with central lines are part of our "at risk for infection" care plan. It is up to the bed side nurse to decide the method. Most of the time is done with soap+water and shampoo for the hair....

  • Posted in: Education SIG

    We are assessing our bathing policy on infants with central lines. We currently use CHG wipes for those infants 2 months and older with a central line and are wondering how often other units are bathing infants with central lines and (daily, biweekly?)...

  • Posted in: Management SIG

    Does anyone out there have a unit policy, protocol or guideline that they would be willing to share that speaks to professional boundaries in the NICU environment? Our institution is looking to the units to create something at the local level that...

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