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    RE: NRP Scheduling

    Posted in: Education SIG

    Hello, I use the NRP platform and only open the class to my organization. Students register themselves, but I can also add them. I find this to be the easiest because they must be enrolled in a ...

  • Do you work in a practice that has protected downtime for APPs working 24h shifts in accordance with the NANN position statement on APP shift length and fatigue ? If so, can you please share your current ...

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    RE: medication adjustments

    We usually adjust our meds on weight day (weigh Sunday night, adjust on Monday). We ran into this problem as well with lab, so we adjusted the days we drew labs and other routine procedures for reach team, ...

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    Central line tubing changes

    Posted in: CNS SIG

    Hi Everyone! 1. Please let me know how often central line tubing changes are done on your unit. We use sterile technique. I have a new provider saying TPN tubing only needs to be changed Q72 hrs. ...



  • Reminder: MyNANN Rules and Etiquette

    Thanks for being an active user of the MyNANN community. As a reminder, please read through the group rules and etiquette to ensure you’re aware of the important guidelines that lead to meaningful, peer-to-peer discussions on a wide range of topics. In ... More

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