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    Nurse NICU PICC Teams

    Posted in: Staff Nurse SIG

    We are looking at our process for our PICC placements as we work towards creating a NICU based line team that will have nurses placing PICCs. We wanted to evaluate what other units were doing in regards ...

  • Hi Lisa -  Thanks for this question! We definitely would like to have a hybrid event,  however, with a limited volunteer group hosting our educational events, we were not sure we could take this on. ...

  • Posted in: Education SIG

    Hi Mary, I know this thread is old, but we are currently looking at increasing preceptor resources and providing more support to both the orientees and preceptor. Would you be able to share your clinical ...

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    Urinary Catheter Care

    Posted in: Staff Nurse SIG

    We are evaluating our process for foleys within our Level IV NICU, and wanted to get feedback as to how other facilities are handling their foleys. We have had a variation in how foleys are secured as ...



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