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  • Are any facilities using these for their NICU patients? If so, all patients (including premature) or just term infants?? Do you have standing orders to use these wipes? Thanks for your response! ------------------------------ Danielle Brooks, APRN,...

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    NG Placement

    For NG placement, we currently measure from the "Tip of the nose, to the ear, to the tip of the sternum." 7th ed. NRP states to measure from the nose, to the ear, to Midway between the tip of the sternum and the umbilicus. While this seems like a small...

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    CHG Bath

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    Hello, we are going to be implementing CHG baths for patients over 2 months of age with central lines. Does anyone have a parent info sheet on CHG bathing that you would be willing to share? Thank you. ------------------------------ Carrie Barlow...

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