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    RE: NICVIEW cameras

    Posted in: Staff Nurse SIG

    We use Angel Eye camera system however the information provided to parents would be similar. On admission our parents receive information about the camera system including: "Calls related to the camera ...

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    NANN Awards

    Hi everyone, I am the chair for the NNP Awards this year through NANNP Council and the founder/original SIG chair for this group. The NANN awards opened on Monday and will go until April 16th. The nominator ...

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    NICVIEW cameras

    Posted in: Staff Nurse SIG

    For those using NICVIEW cameras, do you have issues with parents calling all the time for every little thing? (baby lost its pacifier, baby is crying, baby needs re-swaddled, etc...) Do you provide scripting ...

  • Posted in: Staff Nurse SIG

    We do not use the Plum at our facility.  We eliminated Plums about 6 years ago.  The plum has a piston for fluid.  If the patient is less then 5 kg and the fluids are split, the line will probably clot ...



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