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    Christine Adams

    Livonia, MI

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    Elizabeth Wertz

    Carmel, IN

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  3. Brady Baker
    Brady Baker

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Allyson Kayton

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ng verification using pH

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Allyson Kayton

Allyson Kayton

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    re Neobar

    Posted in: Staff Nurse SIG

    Anyone who is using the Neobar ever have trouble with the infants being able to use their tongue to move the ETT to the side? Would greatly appreciate any suggestions or tips you have to make things...

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    Invos monitoring

    Posted in: Education SIG

    Hello All, Is anyone using the Invos monitor/ NIRS to track perfusion on cooling infants or cardiac infants? Specifically, are you using 2 sites, such as brain and renal? If you have any guidelines...

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    New nurse orientation with NANN foundations pro...

    Posted in: Education SIG

    Hello! Has anyone used the NANN Foundations of Neonatal Care program for orientation of your new nurses? If so, was the program effective? Was there anything you felt the program was lacking? Thank...

  • Julia Bobo

    Advice Needed: Biohazard Exposure for Neonates

    Posted in: Staff Nurse SIG

    Good afternoon, NANN Staff received the following message from a non-member and were hoping that one or some of you would have some clinical advice on the matter. Thank you! Hello, My name...

  • Mary Olsen


    Posted in: Education SIG

    Our unit is dealing with the challenge of getting experienced/seasoned nurses to precept new staff. When asked, many nurses will say no and/or come up with some excuse why they can not precept. I've...

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