Research Committee

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Signup Deadline: 06-27-2018
Starts: 10-21-2018
Ends: 10-31-2020


What does the NANN Research Committee do?

The NANN Research Committee is charged with supporting neonatal nursing research and the overall strategic direction established by the Research Institute, through education and awareness of the research process.

What kind of volunteer is NANN looking for?

  • Currently practicing in neonatal nursing in a wide variety of roles such as clinical care, education, research, administration, or consulting.
  • Preference to be DNP and PhD prepared members.
  • Detail oriented, willing to spread the word to your networking about open positions.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and attend required virtual meetings.
What are the responsibilities?
  • Score paper and poster abstracts for NANN's Annual Conference
  • Review research surveys
  • Vet Research Summit proposals

What is the time commitment?
The bulk of the workload will take place from November to May, beginning with the vetting of Research Summit proposals in November. Review of the Annual Conference call for abstracts will follow in January and again in May. The Research Committee members will be asked to review and grade submissions for the Research Summit and Annual Conference papers and posters. The committee will also be asked to review any research surveys, which is a minimal time commitment. We estimate anywhere from 25 – 30 hours of work total.

How long is the term?

This is a two-year commitment with the option to serve an additional term.

Volunteers Needed:

2 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No Volunteer Experience




Stephanie Wimmerstedt