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    Christine Adams

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Posted in: Advanced Practice SIG

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Posted in: Advanced Practice SIG

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NANN's 30th Annual Educational Conference

September 10-13, 2014 - Phoenix, AZ

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    RE: Naming Conventions

    Posted in: Management SIG

    We only use the mom's last name throughout the entire NICU stay. Our explanation to families is that this is for safety purposes. Babies are initial Baby Girl Last Name. Twins are Baby Girl A,...

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    Research SIG Facilitator Introduction

    Posted in: Research SIG

    Hello everyone, I wanted to introduce myself as the new SIG Research Facilitator. I cannot wait to meet everyone who is coming to convention this year! I wanted to ask if there were any topics...

  • Tracy Adams

    RE: Changing of in line suctioning

    Posted in: Management SIG

    We change them every 24 hours. I believe that is per the manufacturers on the inline suction packagi

  • Tracy Adams

    Naming Conventions

    Posted in: Management SIG

    Curious to find out how you assign names to babies on admission? Do they keep mom's last name? Do they get assigned as Baby Boy and Baby Girl or BB and BG? How are multiples designated? Do you allow...

  • Tracy Adams

    Neutral Head Positioning

    Posted in: Education SIG

    Looking for guidelines and references for providing neutral head positioning for premature babies for the prevention of IVH. Thanks :)

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