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    Sheila Shepherd

    Hensley, AR

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  2. Tracy Wasserburger
    Tracy Wasserburger

    Campbell County Memorial Hospital
    Gillette, WY

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    Elena Ornelas-Pelaez

    Kaiser Permanente
    North Hills, CA

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Posted in: Advanced Practice SIG

NANN's 30th Annual Educational Conference

September 10-13, 2014 - Phoenix, AZ

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    RE: Securing PICC lines

    Posted in: Staff Nurse SIG

    Typical practice I am used to is to allow for plenty of slack and secure the slack on the parent. Good luck!

  • Julia Bobo

    AfPA Resources for Advocacy

    Posted in: Advocacy

    Good morning, As an RSV Stakeholder, we received the following message from the Alliance for Patient Access: Hello RSV Stakeholders! It is almost November 1st! As the start of RSV season looms...

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    Securing PICC lines

    Posted in: Staff Nurse SIG

    We have had quite a few VLBW neonates lately requiring PICC lines. Some of our nurses are concerned about these lines becoming displaced during skin-to-skin with the parents. Does anyone have any suggestions...

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    RE: Policies or guidelines for transpyloric tub...

    Posted in: Education SIG

    I know Mosby's online used to have info on NJ tubes, including placement. I used to have directions on how to place, but of late, I have only seen them placed in Radiology. We only used them for continuous...

  • Allyson Kayton

    DME Information

    Posted in: Advanced Practice...

    If DME Orders are Denied Use These Resources If you encounter a supplier who will not fill your DME order, please provide them with the full CMS announcement found

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