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    Ruth Snyder

    MidAtlantic Neonatal Associates
    North Brunswick, NJ

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    Tricia Taylor

    Mason, OH

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    Lisa Mcgee

    Lexington, KY

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Joyce Stein

Webinar 114th Congress

Posted in: Advocacy

Joyce Stein

114th Congress Webinar AACN

Posted in: State Advocacy Liaisons

Dionne Wilson

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    RE: venous versus arterial lab draws

    Posted in: Staff Nurse SIG

    We do not routinely perform arterial sticks unless there is a specific provider order. Arterial sticks are reserved for specific lab tests such as arterial blood gas or situations where we could...

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    RE: Frequency of blood pressure and temp checks

    Posted in: Staff Nurse SIG

    As per our standards of care, we check axillary temperatures Q3H for babies requiring external heat support such as incubator or radiant warmer. We routinely check blood pressures Q6H (every other...

  • Allyson Kayton

    NY Post Links

    Posted in: Advanced Practice...

    For those of you who tried to access links and could not here are the links again. ...

  • Allyson Kayton

    New York Post Article stating NPs put the public...

    Posted in: Advanced Practice...

    NY Post Article Research showing the safety In a article written in the New York Post by Betsy McCaughey on January 6, 2015 she states the public is at risk if you are being seen by a Nurse...

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    Care Plans

    Posted in: Staff Nurse SIG

    Our hospital utilizes a standardized care plan form (on paper) that does not meet the needs of our neonatal patients. in NICU and Nursery Recently, we were informed that a target date must be listed...

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