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    Reena Joseph

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    Allyson Kayton

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Allyson Kayton

Allyson Kayton

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Bubble CPAP and ELBW protocol

Posted in: Staff Nurse SIG

Joyce Stein

Webinar 114th Congress

Posted in: Advocacy

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  • Allyson Kayton


    Posted in: Advanced Practice...

    Earlier this afternoon the Florida senate passed two landmark ARNP bills. Both SB 614 (controlled substance bill) and SB 476 (Baker Act) bill passed through this final committee. Both bills will...

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    Humidity requirements

    Posted in: Education SIG

    We are looking at updating our current humidity policy and I am wondering what percentage humidity you are using, for how long, how often you change your water chambers and beds, etc. Any and all...

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    Supra pubic taps

    Posted in: Education SIG

    Can you share your practice when obtaining a urine culture/ Do you get a cathed specimen or is a supra pubic tap performed? Thanks,

  • Allyson Kayton

    AANP Workforce Data Update

    Posted in: Advanced Practice...

    Attached is the newest information on the AANP Workforce Data Update. Information is attached. Ally:)

  • Kirtley Ceballos


    Posted in: Staff Nurse SIG

    What do your units use to secure the PICC line to the extremity when the patient is so small a Statlock device cannot be used? TIA!!

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    Staffing for PICCs

    Good Afternoon, I am interested in how your facilities staff for PICC line procedures: insertions, dressing changes,...

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    Wound/stoma care

    Hi, I am looking for good resource to learn Wound and Stoma care in neonate. Please, email me if you know. I would...

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    Bubble CPAP

    Hello, I am looking to see if anyone would share their protocols/guidelines for bubble CPAP, interested in the devices...